Welcome to CT-Tracker!

CT-Tracker is the first construction management software built to keep you on-schedule and in compliance with California LAPM requirements.

Use CT-Tracker on all your devices to keep you connected in the field or the office.

CT-Tracker is made for Construction Managers, by Construction Managers.

Why CT-Tracker?

Laboring over manual forms is a thing of the past. CT-Tracker is your experienced guide.

At the click of a button, your project files can be printed, downloaded, and assembled into a complete .pdf package. Keep your LAPM files organized and at your fingertips.

Compliance status at a glance. No more uncertainty.

Simple icons show the status of tasks that are easy to lose track of. These include RE Diaries, ARE Diaries, materials documentation, preconstruction paperwork, and other critical items.

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Ensure organization-wide consistency. Preserve training resources.

Give your CM staff the same LAPM toolkit whether they are down the hall or in a trailer 100 miles away. Help inexperienced employees build their knowledge without continuous oversight. Provide employees with a powerful tool to help them navigate the relevant manuals.

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Automate Away Your Workload Headaches

CT-Tracker automates form generation, file management, compliance tracking, and team communication.

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